Spotted Paint

What we do

Design and produce websites and online applications for organisations and individuals big and small. Solve problems, make things faster, more effective or just less menial for you.

Below we outline some of the services offered and some examples of the work we have done. Often our work features illustration and some irreverence but can be as solemn as you like.

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Spotted Paint can do all kinds of things for you from bespoke development to simple one page websites.

Building back office systems that are the companies entire business.

Maintain your existing sites and amend or improve them as long as they're not coded in Klingon, although I have worked on translations of sites into various languages and international sites.

Recently been acting as virtual IT manager for a client after a member of staff leaving. Whatever you will always be talking to the person who does the work.


Been building multifarious websites for years using PHP, Coldfusion, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server (eurghh), Wordpress but we have learnt most people don't really care as long as it works for them.

Members of several groups and attend meet ups and user groups keep up to date with the latest technologies, are used to working and meeting deadlines and can provide a personal helpful service.

Quite happy coming round to set up accounts on your computer and help you solve any niggles, just want to solve the problems really.

If you're really, really into technical stuff you're welcome to look at Adams' geeklog site but its not for the faint hearted!

Call Adam on 07849 431187

That is +44 7849 431187 if your outside the UK

Email me at

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Some Examples ...

We can't show you some of our most advanced business systems because they are proprietary but here are some public sites.

Machines take me by surprise with great frequency.

Alan Turing