cookie Cookies are small bits of text which are stored on your computer to enable services. Whenever you log into a site the site will set a cookie in your web browser. If your interested in reading more about cookies have a look at this site they also tell you how to disable cookies.

What we use cookies for:

  • Login – We only use cookies for the convienience of users. If you post a comment a cookie will be placed on your computer. The cookies are set so that once you have submitted a comment, your details will be prefilled next time. If you don’t allow cookies comments may not work quite as expected.

If you disable cookies comments won’t work as expected.

Cookies that are set when you comment on our blog

These cookies will start like the examples below but the ending string of letters and numbers will vary

Name Content Expires
comment_author_0b16bcbefd the name you entered 11 months
comment_author_email_0b16bcbefd the email you entered 11 months
comment_author_url_0b16bcbefd the website you entered 11 months