Can I eliminate all errors?

Trying to move towards a zero tolerance for errors.

  • Even minor errors can obscure more major ones
  • Any error could be cancelling out another error – a kind of error ridden hell to avoid at all costs
  • Errors that seem insignificant now may be come more major issues in the future (when deprecated becomes removed for example)
  • Broken windows – lead to more broken windows.
  • Errors annoy me
  • Its hard to take any pride/pleasure in code that has even minor errors.
  • Every error is an opportunity to improve code
  • The cost of dealing with errors later is likely to be more
  • Errors can be an opportunity for a hacker to gain information about your system
  • Every error is an opportunity to learn – if you had understood it completely before that error would never have happened.
  • Errors cascade and create other errors

Its better to preempt problems before they occur in the wild. Users shouldn’t have to deal with errors or experience their side effects. Its better for the clients site and whats good for them is good for me (eventually). Its probably impossible to eliminate all but you can squash all the ones you know about. At least with every site reporting all errors however minor to a central source, any that occur over night can be sorted out by breakfast.

Having said that going through 404 logs does make you paranoid. There are bots out their trying to get you :). No really there are.