How to make Spotted Paint

In a guest post our senior monkey Lobsang Polka reveals the state of his research….

We spend most of or time monitoring the flashing LEDS and maintaining websites for the ‘tailess ones’ but we are alloted 13.5% of our time to spend on research. In this research time we have been studying the creation of advanced paints.

spotted paint in action

Outside of the very valuable research done by the Acme company on behalf of, the very litigious, Mr Wylie Coyote in the 1940’s the development of spotted paint has been disapointing slow, the development of elbow grease and long weights has surged by in comparison. In the last 6 months we have made some progress. Building on the early research by Solomon Joseph Solomon into camouflage and using our chemistry knowledge. We looked in the development of emulsions on a large scale. This together with information from fluid dynamics in the russian space program has allowed us to make a prototype paint. We have been experimenting in order to make a longer lasting and brush friendly paint. Unfortunately spotted paint is very unstable and may fall apart at at any moment it is also very flammable. This has led to much singeing, something we aren’t sure the ‘tailess ones’ appreciate. Currently we can only keep the paint stable for 12 hrs after which the spots lose their cohesion.
We will endeavour to develop our work in this area and look forward to sharing our progress with you the public. Hopefully if the tailess ones provide more peanuts we can make faster progress.