Its not about the technology

Its not about the technology its about what the technology allows you to do. ooh shiny

Good developers care about the how a great deal, always wanting to do things in new and shiny ways. The only problem is they can end up with their head in hole admiring the ‘reverse widget symmetry’ or some other such guff. Customers don’t care about the how they just want the end result. Which is probably fair enough.

Its in the interests of the customer for the developer to do things well because in the end it will cost them less. So a good developer should find out about new technology and see what other people are using it for. I just have to keep reminding myself that its the end result that matters not the technology. The technology is just a tool like a hammer, using any technology is fine as long as its suitable for the task in hand. Just cause all the cool kids are using ‘{XYZ SHINY THING}’ doesn’t mean it makes sense to use it for everything. Your old hammer works fine for old hammer tasks, its the result that matters.