Picking up a website today to add in an advert. Found that no maintenance had been done on the site for five or six years, also there were no backups. As you would expect there were a few things needing fixing. Seems odd really you wouldn’t expect your car to last that long without servicing it, even if it was just cleaning it. Perhaps maintaining your site slightly more frequently would incur less costs than a big bang “oh my god its all fallen apart”.

Guess it depends how important your site is to you, if it went bang! and off for a few days due to a big problem would you be stuffed? Perhaps it would be an idea to have someone do the internet equivalent of checking its oil every year.

  • Check it works in browsers released since your site was created
  • Update any ready made systems your using, WordPress, plugins etc
  • Check you have backups of your files and or databases
  • Check it isn’t using deprecated functions

If this sounds self serving it genuinely isn’t most people will charge you a whole bunch for rebuilding an entire site that has got in a big mess. Compared to that small charges for simple maintenance are an economy.

Give your site some care.