Spam text and Markov Chains would that make Turing happy?

I can quite easily using Markov chains some Python and a source text produce quite realistic texts. Turing might even have been pleased in a perverse way his machines are indistinguishable from humans. Many blog commenters seem to be using their second language which is fair enough. But does make it difficult to tell if they are genuine humans. Often the only way I can tell if comments are spam is to look at the links they include. Super cheap *** something is usually a clue.

Just for fun here is a brief auto generated example of text generated from the Henry Fords book ‘My Life and Work’. Markov Ford?

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This is pretty crude an still quite easy to tell apart from normal text. With a little more effort I’m sure I could make it much more “human”. I hope most spam is generated by this sort of method I guess the alternative is poor people in foreign countries generating spam for money which is probably worse and doesn’t feature much technology at all so is pretty uninteresting.

Now I wonder if I can produce my own Management Guru book :)