Website for consultancy practice

Recently made a new site live for WLP who are a management consultancy practice. Did not do the design for this that was done by the agency who created there new look and feel Naked Marketing. Just the development, implementation and codey bits.

Basic aim of the site is to communicate the consultants expertise and wide breadth of knowledge. Bring their site more up to date so more of the site is user editable and more easily viewed on devices other than a desktop PC. They had quite a lot of content already written on the old sites and from other sources so part of the battle was reorganising the content and categories in a way that matches with the kind of work they do now.

We are still in the early stages of the site its only been up a month so I’m sure it will change and we change tweak things in order to fulfill their aims as part of their wider marketing strategy.

The customer specified that the site should be built using Word Press. Did quite a few bits and bobs on what seems initially as if its a fairly simple Word Press site. Custom post types, custom taxonomies and the normal customizations that came up in the process of getting the site together. Also trying out code to suggest related posts from each individual post page. So hopefully we can lead an interested reader through to content relevant to their business.

The most obvious adaption to the visitor is the adaption to the normal search so that it auto completes or suggests matching pages as you type. That seems to work quite well I think I’d add something similar to another site.

Spent quite a long time mapping across the old sites pages and files to the new sites pages so that links into the site lead some where relevant and we could keep any link juice.