Using your website to achieve your aims

We design websites to help you achieve your business aims. We built a site for a swimming school in St Albans. Its never going to be the new facebook but it answers the need.

The client wanted to get a website to advertise her business. We added pages about frequently asked questions, so she doesn’t have to keep answering the same questions again again.

We added a sessions calendar so she can update the dates and times of her swimming sessions. Then the parents can download the sessions calendar to stick to their fridges.

We built the site using a mainstream cms so as to save her the expense of maintaining a custom cms. Unless you have very specific requirements your usually better off using a mainstream product.

The design matters to a limited extent. They want to look professional and solid but they aren’t a design business. So we didn’t waste ages on a design just to please ourselves.

We showed them how to update the site and now they can change the session times and add new text and images as things happen and pictures become available.

Websites are just tools that we make available for clients to use.