Wordcamp Edinburgh 2012

Went to Wordcamp on the weekend of the 14th-15th of July. Congratulations to Tony and all the other responsible adults. Learn’t lots of stuff met interesting people and expanded knowledge of Edinburgh so all good.

Some of the sessions I went to included:

  • Secure from the start – Making your WordPress install and server secure
    Kieran O’Shea
  • Emperor’s new clothes (or how I learned to ask “is the cool thing the right thing”)
    Kevinjohn Gallagher
  • You don’t know query? Now you do! – Lots of information about when, where and why to use the different query functions
    Scott Cariss
  • WordPress and Web Accessibility: Why It’s Important – Its always good to be reminded that not everyone is similarly able and always worth bearing in mind as you build web stuff.
    Graham Armfield

You can see all of the sessions on the planning wiki