Writing a Firefox addon

Just written the first version of my Firefox add on stat-o-matic. It lists the number of pages viewed in your browser over the last 4 months. Graphs the top 7 sites visited and the pages viewed by Month and Hour.

Its currently been reviewed preliminary, it should be listed publicly on the addons site as experimental. Which is probably correct for now as its a bit of stub and rough around the edges. Or minimal viable prototype as the developer said to the investor. In the future I’ll probably extend it to do more and tidy it up but I wanted to get through the review process before I spent more time on it.

Have been trying it out on my Firefox on a mac so I know it works under load. It revealed my rather to heavy internet usage. 13000 pages viewed in April, 33300 in last 4 months which seems excessive.

Writing an Firefox addon turns out to be mostly writing JavaScript so that was interesting. You never really know what these things entail fully until you do them.

You can try it out here

If your interested in writing your own Firefox/Thunderbird extension the documentation is here.