Your super idea

Everyone has brilliant ideas in the bath sometimes they even look good in the daylight. (see Archimedes)
You may be a bit hesitant to tell anyone about your idea. Here are some simple things you can do on your own to check out its viability.

  • Do some Google searches around your idea, is anyone else doing something similar?
  • Not to worry you don’t have to reinvent the wheel just have a different spin on it most businesses aren’t revolutionary more evolutionary.

  • Try it out on a few trusted friends, your spouse, partners
  • Have a look at domain names are they available for your idea, if people are using a similar name to what your thinking are they doing a similar thing to your idea.
  • Find someone who could be a potential client/customer ask them what they think.

Telling other people about your idea is a quick way of trying stuff out. You evolve your idea just by repeating it to people and gauging their reaction. Are they getting it or are they struggling to understand what your going on about.

You probably think everyone is going to run off with your precious new idea, to be honest they are more likely to just forget it. Also any enterprise is a lot more than just the idea, the execution is the majority of it. Did Microsoft become dominant because the were the best at original ideas or because they were good at execution?

Then you could try prototyping your idea, build a little prototype website only a cheap thing just a day or so in cost perhaps. Hold a test event. See if anybody is interested, really.