Kyber Lettings

Kyber Lettings

This is a small site for a new lettings and property agency based in Watton serving the Wayland area. They do plenty of property management, collecting rent making sure properties are safe, gas certificates, keeping properties full of tenants etc.
In the future it will list their properties for let.

Previously they had no website at all. With the opening of their new office in spring 2016 they wanted to have a website so they could be found online. We ended up matching the blue on the site to their building walls!

When the site has some properties to list they look something like this

Kyber Lettings Property

Mostly the aim is for people to be able to find them and contact them.

Technically the site is pretty standard WordPress with a custom post type for the properties and then custom fields for properties of the property like price, floor area, EPC etc.