Scumbags, Idiots and Charlatans

In the last few weeks experienced a lot of client abuse on the interweb.
Customers paying through the nose for web development and just being ignored.
Customers being abandoned.

I’ve been picking up the pieces for a couple of people and it makes me feel kind of sad its just that there isn’t any need for it. Ok things change and that is fine the web developer is not married to the customer and if you don’t have the skills in house to support them then that is fine but say that.

Not all customers are super technical and some need more hand holding than others many are actually frustrating.

But there isn’t any excuse really for treating people that badly. Building web stuff is a people business your coding stuff that will be used by humans in order to fulfil aims that other humans have. Whilst people are sometimes difficult and irritating and occasionally just downright maddening. Its developers job to help them, not impose stuff on them or extract money for nothing or exploit their lack of knowledge. If you can’t get on say that and leave them. Don’t just ignore them, you could even help them find someone new to sort things out.