Geeks, Gonks and DB2

Just picked up my Geek gonk, Triton who do DB2 consultancy wanted a 3d representation of a geek that I drew for them ages ago for when I worked for someone else. They are using for publicity at conferences and similar. Triton do seem to know everything there is to know about DB2 but they don’t all look quite so geeky in reality.
Heroic geek
I just picked up a sample gonk one its pretty weird having your scribble turned into a real world 3d thing. He looks happy guarding my hard drive and he is squeezable so I can push any stress I suffer on to him. Perhaps some of his SQL genius will rub off.

Round up the usual suspects

Round up the usual suspects?

Ripped Off Britain

Built this site a while ago for someone who was annoyed by being ripped off on car parts in the UK compared to international prices. Its not really being used much at the moment, what is surprising is how well it does in search for a site that has very little content. Other sites with very similar titles/subjects but with a lot more content come up beneath it in google searches.

Ripped Off Britain

Technically its a quite plain vanilla wordpress site with a custom theme to differentiate it. We made up a dog logo illustration as well, to give the site some more character, doing pictures made a nice change from my normal ‘code view’.

Mock-up and Print Solutions

Put this small site together for Martin’s new company. He just wanted a small site to get started and provide a place for people to find out a little more about him.

He makes mockups for graphic designers and agencies also plates for Flexo and Letterpress printing.

We spent a good while going backwards and forwards so Martin could get it all how he wanted it to be. He seems very happy with what he has ended up with so I’m happy.

Mock-up and Print Solutions

The nature of what he does means that he doesn’t have a huge amount of printed material he can use without compromising someones copyright or confidentiality. So we made up some ‘type of’ illustrations to show the types of work he does and provide some visual interest.

From a technical point of view its quite simple just flexible stylesheets for different screen sizes besides the normal HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Map Illustration

Shop in Watton - Leaflet FrontIllustrated this map for the local Chambers of Commerce in my home town. The aim was to tell people who visit the area about what was available in the high street in Watton. Many people visit the area and even stay near to the town but then go off and visit other more traditionally touristy places nearby.

The first draft of the illustrations didn’t coincide with what they wanted. So redid the map and the illustrated in the style they wanted, which is quite different from how it started. It was done in pen and ink and then computificated so that artwork could be supplied in Photoshop.

The leaflet was distributed to businesses and places to eat and stay around the area. The Chamber may have some more copies if you would like to distribute some.

Map Illustration Inner

The idea was originated by Janina Dingwall and Ben from Naked Marketing kindly agreed to write the words and do the layout.